Assistant professor!

It is official! From August 1st I am an assistant professor at the Department of Media Studies, University of Aarhus. I am delighted, that was just the job I wanted!


Dissertation defended

Finally my dissertation was defended yesterday. It went on very well, I did the speech of my life and the committee was very nice to me. Afterwards, we had a wonderful party. Definitely the best day in my life!

Read more about it at and viwe the pictures at

Sorry for the extremely long break here. Post have been going on in my Danish Blog ( but the research blog has been silent. I am planning to move it somewhere else, but you’ll know.

My dissertation was handed in December 17th (explain the silence in the autumn) and it was accepted for public defence in late February. the defence is going to take place on April 29th (see for details).

Besides, my research site is now complete revised, updated and simplified. look for news about my current research which I obviously will post here as well.

The change of the public sphere in the age of the Internet

My presentation went on this morning and was quite well received although there was no times for questions and discussion. I adressed the changes to social spheres , most notably the public sphere due to the impact of ICT. My points can be seen on my site: soon as I am going to upload my presentation.

Sara Kiesler’s keynote today adressed the same question, about the constant blurring of the public and the private sphere. And another interesting point: privacy – just forget it!

Later Danielle Wiese stated that there is no such thing as a public sphere as politics (especially presidential campaigns) are targeted towards individuals rather than audiences. The future might be P2P politics….

There is definitely a large public sphere research agenda, even in a post-Habermasian age….

AoIR 5.0 started!

It is Sunday and the fifht conference of the Association of Internet Researchers has just started here in Sussex. I opened by listening to a panel on the consequences of wireless Internet access. It seems as if the users will not necessarily exploit the possibilities even though they are there. Maybe we will not come to live in a world of ubiquity, the theme of this years conference….

Broadband users impatient!

A new survey by Cable & Wireless has found that broadband users get more and more impatient not even on the Internet but also in the physical world. Especially the males don’t want to wait long in a queue etc. I, personally, know it from my self. Another example how the virtual world affects our physical experience. Interesting!

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